One of the key components of the SiR programme is the Gap Analysis…

An onsite ‘MoT’, which looks at your operational and management processes.

The outcome is a detailed, bespoke management report which will either identify processes that may require some fine tuning or it will indicate that you are ready for the final stage of the programme.  It is possible to undertake the gap analysis as a stand-alone component and further details are available on request.

You will have time to prepare for the Gap Analysis which includes demonstrating a commitment at senior level to establishing and maintaining processes for the effective and consistent delivery of services in accordance with the principles of the SIR standards.


In addition, for recruitment business that provide services where additional requirements are essential such as education, we will also look to see that you have enhanced safeguarding provisions and that you comply with all safeguarding principles, relevant legislation and guidelines.

During the onsite visit, our external assessor will ask to see evidence of:

  • Your management systems, including documentation and how you implement processes.
  • Quality customer assurance includes that:
    1. Representations by you are accurate;
  • You operate in a legally compliant way;
  • You provide a consistent service;
  • You have a complaints procedure;
  • Customer confidentiality and personal information is secure;
  • You meet contractual and statutory requirement relevant to a customer; and
  • You provide a recruitment service of excellence,